Ticketmaster US opens up its events to Amazon Alexa

Ticketmaster US opens up its events to Amazon Alexa

Amazon’s Alexa voice-assistant has some new music features.

After launfching its radio-DJ-style Song ID feature for announcing track and artist names before they play, now Alexa is also active in the concert ticketing department. This isn’t an Amazon-powered thing, but the result of a partnership with Ticketmaster in the US.

Ticketmaster stated:

With Ticketmaster’s inventory of hundreds of thousands of live events and Alexa’s easy to use interactions, fans, for the first time ever, can now buy tickets with Alexa-enabled devices, such as Amazon Echo and Echo Dot using their voice.

So Echo owners can now use Alexa to browse upcoming concerts (and other events: i.e. sports matches) with tickets available. The official statement continues:

To start, fans simply have to say something as simple as, ‘Alexa, open Ticketmaster’ or ‘Alexa, ask Ticketmaster to find events this weekend.’ Fans can then search for an artist or team name, city, and date range such as, ‘find concerts in Los Angeles’ or ‘find Miami Heat tickets’. From there, fan can simply finalise their order details and purchase tickets by linking their Ticketmaster account to Alexa.

For now, the new feature is availabel in the US only, although Ticketmaster says it has plans to expand in the near future.