All about the Emerge Festival 2019 edition

All about the Emerge Festival 2019 edition

The Emerge Festival, this year, will take place at the Hard Rock Hotel, in Las Vegas, from May 31 to June 1. The heart of the event are three four-hour showcases that weave words, music, movement, and visuals into a unified, striking experience. The main showcases center on loose but evocative themes. “The festival explores our current state of mind by focusing on key themes, which form the pillars of the event,” says Choudhry. “It’s designed to help you immerse yourself, to concentrate on the mix of art and ideas, and how they inform each other.”

The festival will host Emma Gonzalez as a speaker for this edition. After the Parkland school shooting, Gonzalez stood up as one of the leading voices of those directly impacted by violence--and those who refused to accept the thoughts, prayers, and lame apathy of lawmakers and officials. Boldly speaking truth to power, Gonzalez’s spirit, smarts, and resolve inspired the March for Our Lives, sparking a nationwide youth protest movement against gun violence and its apologists.

Gonzalez will join dozens of other engaging thought pioneers and activists, including fellow Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg, immigration rights activist Jose Antonio Vargas, one of the founders of Black Lives Matter Patrisse Cullors, and Weldon Angelos, music producer turned advocate for criminal justice reform. They will come together for two days of intense, unique programs designed to challenge, engage, and ignite.

This is the full program:

Friday, May 31

Industry Panels (11 am-5pm): lively discussions on diversity and representation, Las Vegas culture, and social activism
Protest (5-9pm): The art of standing up and speaking out with Emma Gonzalez, David Hogg, Talib Kweli, Ana Tijoux, Nahko & the Medicine for the People, Tank & the Bangas
HopeXHuman (9pm-12am):  Pairing craft cocktails and meaningful causes with Bishop Briggs, Marian Hill, The Ladies of LCD Soundsystem, and Yoke Lore
Late Night Session (12-1am) with Doja Cat, Culture Abuse

Saturday, June 1

Self/Sex (10am-2pm): Living our truth, challenging our mores with Big Freedia, Junglepussy, Leikeli47, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Alecwithpen, Jonathan & Paula Williams, interwoven with dance and movement
Femme (2-5pm): Exploring the many shades of female identity with Swsh, Bedouine, and Tayla Parx
Brave (7-11pm) Turning fear into courage in tumultuous times with Dessa, J.I.D., Laura Jane Grace (performance and talk), Andrew Bird, Weldon Angelos, Patrice Cullors (Black Lives Matter), Jose Antonio Vargas
Depressed Monsters Session (10pm-1am): LV artist collective takes the reins with Le1f, Cherry Glazerr, Hobo Johnson, and Ryan Brunty

Lineup and schedule subject to change. Additional performers and speakers to be announced