Licensing start-up Soundfeed launches open beta with 150 labels

Licensing start-up Soundfeed launches open beta with 150 labels

Start-up Soundfeed, a platform which simplifies international licensing for labels, is now moving to open beta. The platform has already seen considerable success, with 150 labels using the service and over 80 licenses secured. 

An example of a recent success story is given by the song “Nowhere” by singer-songwriter Eneli. Since its release in August it received three licensing proposals for several territories as well as a new label deal proposal:

[Data available on licensable track “Nowhere” by Eneli (YouTube, Spotify, Shazam)]

[Full Eneli catalogue data]

The platform streamlines the entire process from discovery to deal. It lets users see repertoire available for licensing and even suggests tracks to consider. Soundfeed provides extensive DSP, radio and proprietary data and analytics; facilitates communication between rights holders; and even generates contracts, giving labels the tools to easily turn data into deals. Also, Soundfeed simplifies the task of finding licensable repertoire from non-domestic territories and agreeing new deals, through software which manages the whole process: from track discovery and analytics, through to contract negotiation and deal closing.

The platform supplies labels with comprehensive DSP, radio and licensor-provided data, enabling them to understand the evolution and popularity of a track on different services and in different territories. Users wishing to license a title can contact the rights holder immediately via the platform and instantly generate personalised contracts, which can be amended during negotiations. The entire transaction can take just minutes, saving time on what is often a lengthy and painful process. 

The service is currently free, with a paid model to be rolled out following full launch in the coming months. Soundfeed will soon introduce functionality enabling licensors to share DSP and radio data by country with their artists, publishers and writers. Future platform developments and enhancements also include: comms tools linking licensor and multiple licensees so promo materials and assets can be coordinated; AI-powered guidance on the best timings, partners and territories for licensing and media promo. Publishing agreements, blockchain contract registration, master and publishing share splits are also in the works.