Learned To Dance Too Soon

Don't blame me, baby, if I jiggle your table
When the fancy dancing band begins to play
Don't cry to me 'cause you're not able
Cause you can't move and shimmy
And shake this way
No, don't try to stop me, 'cause I was raised this way

Oh, honey, I learned to dance too soon
To stop dancing now
I learned to dance too soon to stop dancing now
Do the boogie woogie with me, sugar
We can dance away our cares

Don't you look for me at the ladies' parlor
Where the ladies fix their pretty hair
You won't find me shootin' up the pinball
Cause there's not enough commotion there
No, don't you bother looking
You know where I will be

I told you my mama was a dancer
And my daddy was a dancing bear
You know I was born in the dance hall
And got my education there
No use trying to change me
I was raised in a dancing way

Writer(s): Susan Hutcheson, Alicia Bridges
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