The Home Of The Lord

You may not see tomorrow
But you can live today
And if you'll only trust in the Lord
He's gonna show you a better way

Blinded by your selfish dreams
Reaching into the night
When you're feeling lost and so lonely
Why don't you just turn to the light

Lift up your head and look to the sky
Don't let this chance pass you by
Heaven is waiting for those
Who call upon the Lord
Open the door
He'll welcome you in
This is where your loneliness ends
And you'll always stay in the home of the Lord

When you place your life in His hand
You'll have what you need
If you'll only trust in the Lord
And if you'll just believe

Nothing comes from nothing
But His word is a sure guarantee
If you only have faith in the Lord
Everything's a possibility


Writer(s): Robert Mason, Gary Whitlock, David Diggs
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