Satellite Kid

Never turn away coz I will be here for you
I know just how you feel
Lift your head, open your eyes

There's so many things out there for you
And you're strong enough to make it through
I feel the love that comforts you
There's no one there that can put you down

Feel my pain
Diggin' inside my vein
Makes me want
Makes me want to define
What I feel for you

Boy you're there to touch the sky
No need to wonder why
I want to disappear so I can be with you
I know it eats you up
I'm here to lift you up
There's something more to life
And this is all for you

Never hold your breath, breathe it in and breathe it out
Please don't hurt yourself
You're there to prove yourself to them

Sometimes I feel that I put you down
Try to scream at me so I hear you now
I will make it up like I always say
I will come to you on a perfect day

There are so many times I know you feel
Life you had enough of this life
There's always a light on at the end of the tunnel
For you to be all right
And your exhausted smile is a sign
Of being left all alone
How I wish I could be there to pick you up
But this is just a song that
I sing for you
To get you through
This crooked life
So let me

I'm here for you and this is true
I will take you
I will be around
I'm here for you and this is true
I will take you

Writer(s): Timothy John Taylor
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