Love Is the Answer

High heels and pickup trucks and
Guns are not enough
To hide the pain you hide from yourself
Behind these childish ways of

Living in this city is like living in the brain
Of John Maynard Keynes
The Roman grid to keep us all in line
On this spherical, round planet

Earth has felt your fear and it is death
5000 Years of right over left
Light over dark, big over small, white over black
Over over under

Undersexed and overworked
We have felt your pain and it hurts
It's destroying this place and those around you because
It's destroying

You are part of this planet
What you do and how you feel matters
We create the world every moment. The universe is mental and
It is

Love is the answer to all our needs
Love resolves what terror feeds
War, love; pathological narcissist Donald Trump (go Bernie!)
Needs love

Writer(s): Pharrell Williams, Aloe Blacc
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