Midnight in Paris

Full of foul plays
And rainy days
That we don't account for
The optimists downfall
The cigarette butt
Was smoked and then stubbed
On my heart
But still a part of me
Won't let me see through this atrocity
A push and a shove
A kick in the nuts
I'll come back despite the cuts
As for you there are no buts

Where we go
It's Midnight in Paris
Drinking wine on the terrace
Without a care it seems
And all the stars they gleam
A little bit brighter

I dream of the next time we go
Where its Midnight in Paris
Looking out from the ferris wheel
No I didn't think love was real
But I guess I was wrong
But when I'm gone
Will you still keep playing our song?

To which we sang along
And well to be honest
It was quite out of tune
But no we weren't modest
We shouted the strongest
So they could hear us on the moon

And oh that full moon
That made us go wild
But we were intitled to
We were young
We were me and you
Didn't know what life could do
When it came down to going through the sticks and the stones

But where we went is it still
Midnight in Paris?
Drinking wine on the terrace
Without a care does it seem?
And all of the stars do they gleam a little bit brighter?

And will there ever be
A next Midnight in Paris?
Or has the clock struck 13
And is 12 just a daydream?
And I could be wrong
But now that I'm gone
Do you still keep playing our song?

Cause me I do
I still dream of you
And the Tour Eiffel
It suits us well don't you think so too?
When harmony was me and you
When harmony was you and me
Or did we only say it figuratively?

Minuit à Paris
L'amour dans la pluie
La chaleur des bougies
La cire a fondu sur moi
Le jour que tu m'as
Dis que c'était finis
Les Minuits à Paris
Quand les rideaux c'etais tant-pis
Et on même cassait les lits

Mais c'est plus comme ça
Mes mots maladroits
Ont effrayer ma jolie
Et mon amour à Paris

Writer(s): Roman Lewis
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