Stop wondering how I do it
I am the dopest, I thought that you knew this
And I never fabricate
I'd rather concentrate
Writing these records till my fingers blister
The picture I'm painting
The vivid description
The vision, lyricism, niggas I written
I rose from the rubble
You'll never surpass it
The phoenix that flew
With the truth of the masses
I'ma get a motherfuckin' sound that you regurgitated
People lookin' at me like you really want it elevated
Never hesitated
Take my brain out while I meditated
I was highly medicated
Save your reservation
For another cadence, you could try to keep up with the pace
If you put me in the Cypher with niggas, I'm out of place
I murder an instrumental, turn it into fragments
Spittin the fast raps a mother fucking distraction
I cultivate a different sound that I would give em
Just a little mother fucker that was coming out of Maryland
I guarantee I embarrass them
And take them on a ride
Make sure they feeling the vibe
My flow is really alive
And you was lookin surprised
At the way this mother fucker would make a rhythm collide
It was difficult depending on the way that I say it
And what a nigga displaying, I bet I make a statement
I was caught up in a vision of giving
Cause I was reliving
Now give me your fucking minute
So people can feel this sentence
I kill em with kinaesthetics
While keepin it copacetic
But niggas are prototypical
People fake as prosthetics
And I'll probably never get it
I swear to God that I'm honest
The definition of truth, the proof is in my compite
Plus I got a couple mother fucking bodies in the closet
With a new noose hanging from the ceiling revealing
I was alone for a while as a child
I would live inside my isolation
My self preservation's amazing
On several occasions
I came to a somber conclusion
That life's an illusion
Confusing, the way that I view it
Is darker than you and yo kinfolk
So keep with the tempo
By giving you vast amounts of info
I pray I'm forgiven for sins before I go
Never been the same
See I been a nigga that's giving effort that you would never forget
And you was quick to expect
This mother fucker to talk about some ignorance
A diamond color chain, it's a pain when the colors change
When it's glistening
So now I got you motherfuckers listening
Positionin myself to where my intentions are interjectin'
If I ever make it then realism is in effect
I give an intermission the vision for what you lack
And it's actual fucking content
Don't you have a conscience
This myriad of topics and you was speaking that non sense
The Shit that I provided was similar to an antidote
My educated guess is impressin
And I'm professing
That I was given the prominence
Complements of the most high
A salaam aleikum aleikum salaam for the nigga with the bowtie
What is a material, I'm ready for the afterlife
I got a date with destiny, my ridiculous appetite
I eat that mother fucker, you probably wouldn't believe it
The beat is leaking a liter whenever that nigga speakin
I said that my shit's egregious, the legacy I was leaving
I'm feigning to find my sanity
Sanctifying on my inhibition
You know that I'm abusing
I wouldn't ever retrieve it
You know that I could proceed ya
Got the existential feeling they want it from the beginning
I try to make it apparent
They focus up on appearance
And what a nigga was wearing
Apparent never opinion
That mother fuckers were giving
And I was living to die
I wanted to make a masterpiece
I'm working like a starving artist departed from fallacies
I'm feeling like a mental patient, my life is insanity
They put me on a pill to differentiate a fantasy from actual reality
Self esteem is a casualty
I'm acting so erratically
Imagining a life I know that I could never lead
And I'm encompassing everything that you should never be
Cause you fell in love with the melody
While ignoring the message
The undertone of the reckoning is really reactionary
It varies upon the words and the people that I would say it too
Defending you
To try and free your mind is what I'm finna do
My vision wasn't miniscule
And when you at the bottom is when the person'll ridicule
I pray it never gets to you
I promise if you keep it cool
And stay composed and everything you do
Will have a better view
But that's if your intentions were honest from the beginning
When you do it for the love and you never receive a penny
And people just see the product and follow it up when they be
Automatically assume that your money is on boom
And find the prodigal son
And I get the crucifixion, resurrected on the seventh day
I need a fucking witness
They could document it and show you I was legendary
I've been feeling like a God repentance is necessary
Lord! Fuck with it
I'll just talk a bunch of random shit, I don't give a fuck
(Laughs) Abstract Art, download that shit if you haven't yet
It's not out now, while we're recording this
It's gonna be out by the time we're done recording
What the fuck? I don't give a fuck
Nigga's say, nah niggas say whatever on records, fuck it
And p.s. shout the fuck out to Illyland, beats dope my nigga
Good shit

Writer(s): Eric Prydz
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