Let's Not Go Shopping

It's Christmas time, there's always much to do
I'd rather spend my time and be with you
I'm overcome with fear and sadness
Baby, save me from this madness
By doing something I would like to do

Let's not go shopping
When cars start stopping
Outside it's snowing
And ten below
It's better warming by the fireside
With yuletide candle glow
I don't wanna hear those till bells ringing
No, no, no

We don't need shopping
It gets me hopping
We could be bopping
With Old King Cole
Instead of trudging through the ice and snow
We'll close the drapes and lock all the doors
And leave that shopping to Mister Claus

We'll just not venture
To shopping centers
No retail tension
No stress or strife
We'll kick on back with nothing else to do
Give staying home a round of applause
Let's not go shopping, just hang your stocking
And leave that shopping to Santa Claus

Thank you, Saint Nick

Writer(s): Robert Peter Williams, Daniel Spencer Mould, Kelvin Andrews, Richard Scott
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