Niggas, it's the top-five lister, double-S drifter
SelvaRey sippin' and you know I came with her
If she cute with her lips shut and tits like missiles
Act right, you can get the Nissan Sentra
Nickel-nine gripper for all you Jack Rippers

The driver inside got a license to hit you
Hop up out the pot and get your top ram' licked up
We survived shit you can only catch a whiff of (fuu)
Locked in way before the top ten
When I had the mutton chops shades, in the wide brim

On a different wave that I came in the game on
When I levitate, grab my sneakers and hang on
Young, but I still got sons in the game
But they not like the one with a dot in his name
If it's locked in, gone it's gotta be Knxwledge who made it

The wildest applause when we hop on these stages
Go and get your Teflon vest on
But once we let off this track list, that shit gon' blow your chest off
When the last time that you heard a sound this hard?

Compliments of Knxwledge in the motherfuckin' (yes, Lord)
And we can go toe-to-toe, anyone you know, young or
Old it get drove in the hearses
I just did the Super Bowl halftime show with the GOAT's

Why the fuck would I wanna do a Verzuz?
That's like comparin' tee-ball to the MLB, y'all out of your league
We not the same person
I'll be doin' this 'til I'm 'bout 86 old as a bitch
Holdin' my dick, fuckin' on the nurses

Writer(s): Anderson Paak, Glen Earl Boothe
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