Little Thing

Far away in a distant land lived the King of thieves
He possessed many treasures, but was always evaded by love
Not for the want of trying, though never to succeed, it
Seemed he could steal anything except for this one need.
Then one day back in his lair he did discover and he did curse
Another with light fingers had robbed him of his purse,
So back into the city and long into the night he hunted
The soul who should be so sly, with his cash to alight.
Oh the King of the thieves was he
Easy come and easy go
The King of the Thieves.
He rattled his mind for recollections of that previous day,
Then that vision of the fair maiden brushed past him in that oh so
Peculiar way, well
Of course, it was so obvious and plain to see, for if he
Was king, then she must be
Oh the Queen of the thieves was she
Easy come and easy go
The Queen of the thieves.
Sure enough the following day their paths were to cross again
Well he followed her through the courtyard
Amused by her gain, gold and silver coins of the realm.
She seemed to have magic fingers as
Into many pockets all did fell.
Oh the Queen of the thieves was she
Easy come and easy go
The Queen of the Thieves.
Soon both grew hungry and so into the tavern divine
To drink of the local ale and sing badly out of time, into
Each others eyes, and into each others arms, the spell
Of love cast over them, embraced by their charms. They
Amassed between them a fortune and by night they
Threw it all away, they had no cares or worries for love
Would save the day.
Oh the King and Queen of thieves were they,
Easy come and easy go
The King and Queen of Thieves.
Then one year and one day precisely on the witching hour
A child came unto them, but one arm shrivelled as a

Writer(s): Troy Taylor
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