Killing Me

I don't mind the abuse
It fills in time when I'm not much use
But it's killing me, killing me slowly
They all say I'm too restless
But words cut deep when you're defenceless
And they're killing me, but kiling me slowly

There was a time when we were fine and I could tolerate you
I do believe that you should leave 'cos I've grown to hate you
Should I be weak and turn my cheek 'cos I'm scared to fall
But I just don't know you and you don't know me at all

I've been told that love's a celebration
But I've lost faith through frustration
And it's killing me, but killing me slowly

You paint my picture black, the joke's on me
And I don't wanna laugh
Remember the good times
Won't you bring them back someday, somehow

I don't mind feeling blue
If I could smile just like you do
And it's killing me, killing me slowly

I can't go on alone pretending nothing's wrong
Maybe I just want to belong somewhere, somehow, somehow

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh...

Writer(s): Robert Peter Williams, Guy Antony Chambers
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