Face To Faith

David was small but no giant could take him
And Daniel was doomed but there was not a wound
When they raised him from the lion's den
Simon Peter, in chains, brought an angel to the rescue
Paul and Silas, in jail, were guarded to no avail
For their shackles were loose and the doors just flew open
"Now, what is the catch?" I asked one day I was readin'
It must be an age old mystery
Then, takin' a second look
I discovered a strikingly clear consistency

(It's) meetin' disaster face to faith
Puttin' God's promises into place
Tendin' to trouble with a little taste
Of what God will do when His people start callin' His name
He anxiously awaits
To give the word to release the power that prayer creates
So we gotta learn to meet every problem that we face
Face to faith

Now, now, now, now, people
I've learned that God's word can be tested
Just trust Him, you'll see, for those who believe
He's still a God of mighty miracles
So, when troubles hit hard
Turn to God and be patient
Just stand strong, don't run, for there isn't anyone
That He's ever let down when their lives have been faithful
It's easy to go half-way and not really do it
But that makes the consequences rough
The more the catastrophe
The sooner you see that you're so much better off


He will deliver us
If we only learn to trust
(We gotta start...)


Meetin' disaster face to faith
We gotta start meetin' disaster face to faith
Meetin' disaster face to faith
We gotta start meetin' disaster face to faith
Face to faith

Writer(s): Gary Lee Driskell
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