Safe Harbour

This world of human heartache
Hurt all around
Who's gonna care for the broken ones?
They sail a sea of sadness
Sometimes alone
Where the wind and the waves overcome
They need a place where they can come in from the danger
Find a little shelter
Rest secure and warm

They need a safe, safe harbour
Haven in the mist of the storm
Where there's freedom to conquer
The questions and problems
And fears are lost in love
There's assurance and healing and blessed believing
When they find the Lord is always enough
In a safe, safe harbour
Safe, safe harbour

It seems the hardest struggle for any man
Is facing the darkness inside of him
But give them sanctuary, filled up with love
Where the light of God's truth shines within
They'll know a place where they can come out of the darness
They'll find the grace of Jesus
In the refuge of His arms

Repeat Chorus

It's plain to me that the church can only give
A place to come with a spirit to forgive
God will take care of the rest

Repeat Chorus

Writer(s): Bob Farrell, Greg Nelson
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