When He Made You

Well you grew up about 30
Short minutes down the street
But we had to go 8000 miles away
To meet
Not sure what the Lord was thinking
Taking us all away to Kathmandu
But I know He was thinking of me
When He made you
The letters and the phonecalls
Were more than enough
To prove His hand had long been writing
The story of us
Had to ask for the chance to court you
When your cab came in Kathmandu
Cause I knew He was thinking of me
When He made you

When He made you
It's obvious He was
Thinking of me, and that we
Were meant to be

Standing here in our hometown
Where we grew up without a clue
We'd fall in love with our next-door neighbour
In Kathmandu
I'm amazed by the good Lord's ways
And I'm praying that you think
He was thinking of you
When He made me

End... Or just the beginning

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