Bend And Snap

Look at my ass, look at my thighs.
I'm catnip to the guys.
They chase my tail, they drool and pant.
Wanna touch this but they can't, no!
All the boys wanna come and play.
Snap my fingers and they obey.
Why do they follow me round all day?
Watch me while I walk away
I bend and snap!
Feel how hot its getting.
Bend and snap!
Now when you got them sweating,
Spring the trap,
They cheer and clap! *CLAP CLAP
No tight end, can defend,
Against the bend and snap!
(Oh thats easy for you to say!)
(And you!)
Girl if you wanna make the team,
Then fake some self-esteem!
The more you jump around and scream, the sexier you seem.
Sorry girls that ain't how I play,
This wouldnt work if I tried all day!
I gotta go get my asthma spray,
Watch me while I walk away-
(No wait before you walk away)
Just bend and snap!
Look how good you're getting!
Bend and snap!
I'd bet right now you're sweating!
Spring the trap, they cheer and clap *CLAP CLAP
So depend, on your friend, called the bend-
(It's not the time to overthink, just try it once, he'll buy you a drink)
Excuse me, will you teach me that? I am tried of living alone with my cat!
Nowadays I do dye-jobs and curls, but here's how we did it in the Laker girls!
(Come on Paulette!)
Works everytime!
Look, do it, and we'll go away...
Okay Okay Okay Okay!
Just bend and snap!
Hey wait a second, when I beckoned,
Look how the guys came running!
Like I'm, (KICKING)
Finger, (LICKING)
Will you pay for stuff I buy? YES
And make me cake and pie? YES
And hold me when I cry? YES
And I will tell you why! Why?
I'm too rocking to lock away!
All the boys come and gawk away,
Dropping jaws from a block away!
Watching how I walk away (We love to watch her walk away!)
I bend and snap!
Now look how hot it's getting!
Bend and snap!
I think right now you're sweating
Spring the trap, they cheer, and clap! *CLAP CLAP
I depend on my friend- GO PAULETTE, GO PAULETTE!
I depend on my friend- GO GO GO PAULETTE!
I depend on my friend, called the bend and snap!
THE BEND AND SNAP I'm gonna snap with style...
Bend and snap!
I'm gonna get me some Kyyyyylllleee!!
Kyle: Paulette, did I leave, my stylus?
Elle: Do it!
All: bend and snap! ahhh!
Paulette: Oh crap!

Writer(s): Benjamin Nell Dunbar, O'keefe Laurence Crawford
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