On A Night Like You


You know the first time I saw the X-Files
I was stoned as usual
Here comes Scully walking in
Zappin' through the Cartwrights
Fox Mulder went and lost his gun
He keeps holding on to the flashlight

Shining bright on lost memories
Scully, I can't forget your sweet sixteen
I'm not an alien
I fear it's not a dream
I wish you'd recognize the voice
That sang your favourite song

At Kansas City Airport
Got the jukebox on wheels, hello
There's a Talkin' Head silently
Tappin' on my shoulder
I'm standing there I'm stunned
Flying high as a kite
My hero he turns out to be
Just an ordinary guy
Lickin' on a lollypop
Looking insecure
One look in his eyes and I knew for sure
I might never come this close, to a rising star
I may be crazy, but he killed me with that song

And oh, on a night like you [3x]
When memories explode...

Faster, faster
It's pure delight
Flashing past and blinding my eyes
Memories you've been trying to blow away
Keep on coming back again

The band is in the basement
It's Saturday night
In Richmond, VA after a gig with The Pie
Seeing it all through the clouds of my birthday surprise
Delicious Donna decides to write a new episode

I remember being introduced
Stevie's face was small
He just kept me reeling
Man, we were laughing at the dark
Getting ready to march all the way back home to Mars
One last fuel stop at Itchycoo Park

And oh, on a night like you [3x]
When memories tend to explode

Writer(s): Barry A Hay, George J Kooymans
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