Going Crazy Again

From the Album:
* Prisoner of the night

Saw a black cat in a blind alley way
The way bad luck runs it could be here any day
Landlord raises rent - just about all my
Money spent - the lady's on her way comin'
But I know she can't
Ten empty bottles on the floor
Matching ten notches on someones door
Somebody better turn me in
I'm going crazy again
It's outa my hands
Got nothin' to lose nothin' to win
I'm goin' insane - the whole thing is
Caving in going crazy again
It's gotta be bad timing and the way
I'm livin'
Everybody's tryin' to act surprised
'bout the way I get myself revived
Couple a stitches and a light head
Coming around the bend - ninety buck
Treatment gettin' myself analyzed
Who's that snake in the corner
Talkin' 'bout disorder - I'm gonna crush
It before it gets me alive
Somebody better turn me in
I'm going crazy again

Writer(s): Barry Hay, George Kooymans
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