There's A Place For Us - 2015 Remastered

So here we are together
Just you and me
Sitting side by side
Don't know why
With time just racing by
But I don't want to go

Well I don't know much about it
'Cos all I am is what you see
In front of you
There's no more
Feels so close and yet so far
But I don't want to go

Here I am, take my hand
Here I am, please take my hand
I'd like to sit here with you if that's alright
If you don't mind I could sit and stare all night
Sit here waiting for you to hold me tight
It's sad but I know it's true

You see I know you well
You'd only laugh at me
And that would hurt me so
Just look at me here
You've got me pleading with you
But I don't want to go, no

'Cos you know that I love you so
Yes you know that I love you so
Here, I will be here love
For you love, I will always be here love

You look real close
You'll see my heart is on my sleeve
And it'll be here waiting
Waiting for you, waiting for me
Someone once said that if you truly, truly believe
You can make things happen
Make things appear to be all that they seem
Tell me do you believe?

We'll find a hideaway
Together we'll find a way
Somewhere, somehow, we'll find some way
There must be somewhere
There must be someplace
We can find somewhere

Where they don't know my face
Believe me we can find it
We can find it, we can find it, we can find it
Somewhere, there's a place for us
Somewhere, a time and a place for us

Writer(s): Hillary Lindsey, Carrie Underwood, David Hodges
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