Castles Made of Sand

Down the street, you can hear her scream, "You're a disgrace"
As she slams the door in his drunken face
And now he stands outside
All the neighbors start to gossip and drool

He cries, "Oh girl, you must be mad
What happened to the sweet love you and me had"
Against the door he leans and starts a scene
But his tears fall and burn the garden green

And some castle made of sand
Fall in the sea eventually

An Indian brave, who before he was ten
Played war games in the woods with his Indian friends
And he built a dream that when he grew up
He would be a fearless warrior, Indian chief

Many moons passed and more the dream grew strong
Until tomorrow, he would sing his first war song
Fight his first battle, but something went wrong
Surprise attack killed him in his sleep that night

And some castle made of sand
Fall in the sea eventually
Take it, Johnny

There was a young girl whose heart was a frown
She was crippled for life and couldn't speak a sound
And she wished and prayed she could stop living
So she decided to die

She drew her wheel chair to the edge of the shore
And to her legs she smiled, "You won't hurt me no more"
But then a sight she had never seen made her jump and say
"Look, a golden winged ship is passing my way"

But it really didn't have to stop
It just kept on goin'

And some castles made of sand
Slips into the sea

Writer(s): Jimi Hendrix
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