When you're feeling down
And it just seems your world
Is falling all around
No need to fear
I'll still be there to love you

When your friends are gone
And it just seems like you've been
Fighting all alone
I'll dry your tear
I'll still be there to love you

Even though sometimes you feel
It hurts to be alone
But I know that one day soon
All the pain will be behind us
No more sadness will find us
Will find us

Remember this
It won't be long
We'll be together
You, just keep holding on
And in that day
You'll hear me say
I'll love you always

We'll be together
And we'll be going home
And 'til that time
When we meet face to face
We're going to sing about
The miracle of grace

But until then
Know this, my friend
I'll love you always

Writer(s): Massimo Fidani, Martin Abrahams, Steven Mark Bray, Paul Hollingsworth
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