You Love Me

Your eyes look throughout the distant stars
Taking in everything in galaxies so far
Yet on one crowded planet
Circling one certain sun
Of the billions here, I am only one
Yet You see me, You see me
See me

Your ears take in each day's deafening roar
The screams, the machines
Rockets, radios and more
Words of each man and woman
Prayers of each boy and girl
Every cry and curse, still somehow in this world
You hear me, You hear me
Hear me

Before a word is on my tongue
You've seen it birthed within my heart
You even understand my reasons
For You search my deepest parts
And You know me, You know me
Know me

That's why Father God, I stand amazed
For You know me so well
Yet I'm lavished with Your grace
You forgive all my sin
Even call me Your child
I'm forever Yours, for I can't deny
You love me, You see me
You hear me, You know me
You love me, You love me
You love me

Writer(s): Tony W. Wood, Benton Kevin Stokes
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