Hole in My Soul

Rode a million miles
To shed my skin
I can't say much
About the state I'm in
There was a million trials,
By fire to win
I can't say much
About where I been
Who I seen, shed my skin,
What I mean, who I am

All that pain, in the tortured brain
The bodies, the death toll
The last question, resurrection
My spirit black as coal

The mirror reflects,
What's impossible to detect
The ever growing hole
Inside my soul
With all due respect,
Not to destroy or infect
The missing piece that
Makes my spirit whole
Hole in my soul

Turned a million smiles,
Upside down
Don't know much
About this border town
I could taste the bile,
Can you scratch my itch
And I'd be obliged if
You throw the switch
Scratch my itch,
Throw the switch
Shed my skin and
Throw the witch

No pity on this lonesome outlaw
Who rides across your land
With a leather face and the devil's grin
You can see right through me
I'm a bad man

Writer(s): Carlo Verni, Robert Ellsworth
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