Looking for fluorescent dreams
To bring some daylight out of me
Help me find my prints from better times
The silence only feeds the ghosts
And tells them that they're not alone
And we can't keep building homes on dotted lines

There was a time when I was brave
There was a place for looking up and feeling safe
When the sides split into good and bad
Do you want to take the middle
Could it really be that simple

Maybe it's the sullen moon
That brings the water back so soon
I'd wondered why it had taken so long
The morning drives from evenings past
And we're still smoking last year's grass
Maybe we'll find strength after it's gone

There was a time when I was free
There was a place where we could live and disagree
Raiding churches for the concrete bars
Still out searching for the symbol
Maybe it really is that simple

There was a time when it was hard
There were places in between the smallest parts
But it's a paper blade you're given
Is it fear or hope you cripple
Oh love, it really is that simple

Writer(s): Joshua Schultz
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