Here (Live)

Here is a region of abundant details
Here is a region that is seldom used
And here is a region that continues living
Even when the other sections are removed

Put your hand out of your pocket
Wipe the sweat off of your brow
Now it feels like a bad connection
No more information now

As it passes through your neurons
Like a whisper in the dark
Raise your eyes to one who loves you
It is safe right where you are

Here is an area of great confusion
Here is a section that's extremely precise
And here is an area that needs attention
Here is the connection to the opposite side

Here, too many sounds for your brain to comprehend
Here the sound gets organised into things that make some sense
Here there is something we call elucidation
Is it the truth or merely a description?

Writer(s): Byrne David, Lopatin Daniel
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