Second Son

Damned at birth, the child king born
The prophets warned beware the second son
Born to lead and then raised in peace and harmony
My fellow man and I live as one

Together forever
Forever in the kingdom of the son

Watched in fear, another day the final year
The light that fills our sky begins to die
Haunted dreams, I sleep in terror wake in screams
The scent of burning flesh fills sacred skies

Skies filled with slaughter
And slaughter from the order in my mind

History unfolds as the prophets had foretold
And lightning strikes, the fire fills my eyes
Hell hath claimed another soul to watch my spirit die

Evil minds now rule my destiny
A Sinner by my side won't set me free
Thoughts of pain and power fill my veins
All fear my name
You were warned of the child born, beware!

Feel the fire, expect no mercy
Olympus burns, Father forgive me!
Know my wrath brother before me

Writer(s): Bobby "blitz" Ellsworth, Bobby Gustafson, Overkill
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