Kill At Command

They came to the land, to kill on command
They ride through the dark of the night
Metal warrior stands over victims whose hands
Grab for their last chance of life

Bright shields, sharp swords
March forward for their Lord
Set the bow, rulers come
Meet your maker
Battle cries, silent screams
Submerge the Devil in evil dreams
Feel the blade, rulers come
Meet your maker

I live for the kill, I do it at will
Let the weak ride back to the lair
Now they will kneel to leather and steel
Gasp for the last breath of air

Blood runs, heads roll
Enemy fear, take the soul
Set the bow, rulers come
Meet your maker
Lash out, strike first
Blood of the dead quench my thirst
Feel the pain, rulers come
Meet your maker

A gilded warrior wonders why?
His fear becomes new life on high
Looking down the dead won't tell
Why his soul existence lives on in Hell?
Long live the spirit
In a life that knows no end
Many pass before him
Many in the wind

Writer(s): Bobby "blitz" Ellsworth, Bobby Gustafson, Lee Kundrat
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