Feel the Fire

Eat through the mounds of steel, sift through the metal
Belly full, another deal, stopping would be fatal
Round and round spins a forty-five, is it vinyl or a bullet?
One to kill one keeps alive, get on your knees and suck it!

Looking down the barrel, the feeling of new power
Look up the weasel, feel the reign of terror

Crawling scratching to stay alive, he's lying on his belly
One finger needed to rip apart, the soul Belial carries
Point your finger, scream in vain, not a soul is listening
Never fast, you'll feel the pain, long cold barrel glistening

Down the dead end street, he strikes to kill the weed
I call the devil, laughing as you bleed
Prepare for your new life
Satan waits tonight

No one cried when it was over, your life it had no meaning
Even friends of J.A.R., quickly lost all feelings
You had warnings, you had time, well that was all you gave it
Said one day you'd be mine, your life you couldn't save it

Angels raining down, stories that fire tell
J.J. played with fire, now he burns in hell
Prepare for your new life
Satan waits tonight

Higher!, Higher!, Feel the fire!
She burns at the stake like a witch!
Kill her!, Slash her, slit her throat!
There's nothing I despise more than a bitch!
Burn her tonight!
Run, hide from the Demon's fate
To late, the fire is lit!

Come in a sit for awhile
Come in and feel the fire
Feel the heat, feel the fire, fire of desire
Fall in (fall in)
Feel the fire!

Writer(s): Peabo Bryson
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